Graham Noblette, a Studebaker National Foundation scholarship recipient student, whose Studebaker was totaled in an accident and needing another car. 

I could tell he was very saddened and the car was a big part of his life driving around McPherson College with it.  

It was a Lark that he restored from scrap (shown in his Turning Wheels article).

After wondering what the Studebaker National Foundation could do to help him, a board member (Frank Wenzel) has donated a Studebaker Lark to the SNF for him!


We need HELP to get the Lark to Graham at McPherson were he is studying Automotive Restoration, so he can restore and drive it like his other one!

Please donate a few dollars to the Studebaker National Foundation (noting it for Student Car Transport) on our Contribute & Donate Page

If there is anyone who may have a empty car trailer going from California, east near McPherson Kansas, PLEASE LET US KNOW!  



James Bell

Scholarship Chairman

Studebaker National Foundation

Bill and Mary Cervini Donate Avanti R2 To SNF.jpeg
SNF Support - Forney Museum of Transportation, Denver, CO.jpeg
963 Avanti Bonneville race car donated by Dave Bloomberg.jpeg
John Dusanic of Millington, IL donated 1964 GT Hawk.jpeg
1932 Dictator by the Gordon Bricken Estate 1.jpeg
1955 Speedster donated by Larry Vahe.jpeg

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